• Kristina

What's The Process?

Process, process, process; a term Christians hear often; but do we really know what it means?

When a person initially gives their life to Christ, what happens? And what should happen? While the early stages of salvation should be about purification and learning, many are focusing on the more mature subjects such as ministry and callings.

The projected view of ministry is gifts and callings. Everyone wants to be something they deem as “mighty” in the Lord. Many are marveling at the false image of church leaders portrayed by some mainstream preachers. Very few of them are modeling after the example left by Jesus.

When examining the scriptures, all the people to come in contact with Jesus did not preach the gospel. All were commanded to repent, but not all were called to the ministry. So, let’s clear that myth up. Some were healed, rebuked, delivered, made whole, fed, or given an assignment. Everyone who gets saved is not a preacher. There are other gifts in the body besides preaching and they are just as important.

Look at it from a natural perspective. Without the heart, the body would be dead. But, the heart is rarely seen. One certain thing is this: if a person never preached a day in their life but lived a holy and righteous life unto the Lord, they will make it to heaven. Find me a scripture that says only those that have a call or ministry make it to heaven? You won’t. It says holiness without no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14). Does that mean that those that are called should reject the call? No, it does not. That would be disobeying the commandment of God for your life. What I am saying is that if you are not called to lead, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m fine with being the “Joshua” or “Elisha” in my local ministry. It’s who the Lord has called me to be and I embrace that.

One thing that you will see or hear me often say is “Embrace your process.” What I mean by that is submit to the making the Lord has ordered for your life. There is a problem with contentment in the church. Many people are desiring what they have not been called or chosen for. My Pastor always told me that God makes the selections, so we have to come to terms with who and what we are according to the will of God.

Process is defined as, “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” The Lord has a process for each individual. We all have a destined end. That end is eternity. How we walk out our process will determine the destination.

People get saved and the first thing they are interested in is what they are called to do. Or, what their purpose is. Rest assured one calling we all have in common is to live a holy and righteous life unto the Lord. But, that is a reply many are not interested in. People want to hear that they have great callings and anointings. They want to hear that they are prophets, pastors, or leaders. While this may be the case; those things have their time. That’s like telling a baby when they come out the womb what their career is. That’s crazy. The child won’t understand. Allow the child to learn how to talk, walk, feed themselves, bathe themselves, read, and live. You see where I am going with this? It is the same in the Spirit. We have the babes in Christ trying to do adult things and it’s not right.

I did not grow up in church. I had no knowledge of it until I turned 19. I mean, I knew churches existed, but I never knew what happened on the inside. Some say that’s a good thing. When I got saved I had no knowledge of prophesying, preaching, and such. Neither was God dealing with me about it. When I got saved the Lord was pressing upon my heart to live a life that was pleasing to Him. He was peeling sin off me one layer at a time. He pruned and purged me from the things of this world. He renewed my mind and cleaned me up. After years of that, then He began to deal with me about what I was called to do.

Now there is nothing wrong with knowing early that you are called. When Paul had his Damascus experience, he knew what he was called to do. Jesus told him. But what many don’t want to talk about is immediately after he was called, he SUBMITTED himself to the elders of the church for YEARS! This is not what’s happening in the church today. Contrarily, people are getting up from Damascus and heading to the nations.

What is so amazing about that story was that Paul was a pharisee, knowledgeable of the tradition and law of God, but his tradition didn’t know Jesus, so he had to relearn.

How many people are willing to relearn when they have been taught? Not many. This is why many people acquainted with church tradition cannot experience a genuine move of God. I’m sure some of you may think, what does that have to do with process? When Paul submitted to the elders of the church, he was allowing God to process him.

He didn’t consume himself in the call, but the God of the call.

I remember when I was younger in the Lord, my Pastor taught me about zeal. Zeal is that burst of energy you get to do the will of God. But if your zeal is without knowledge, without learning, it will lead you down a wrong path. Romans 10:2-3 says, “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”

See, Paul, the writer of Romans, understood submission and it is from that experience he could detail the truth about zeal. He knew that more than the zeal to do the will, you had to be submitted to it. This is the same understanding I share with you.

You may ask, how will I know I’m ready? When you were in school who signed your graduation papers? The teacher. Yes, your spiritual teacher, your pastor, and leader is the one that will train and promote you in the Lord. I know you may be saying, What about the Holy Spirit? Isn’t He the teacher (John 14:26) And doesn’t promotion come from the Lord? (Psalm 75: 6-7). Indeed. But the Holy Spirit and Lord resides in your God appointed Pastor, whose assignment is to watch over your soul (Hebrews 13:17). Remember in Exodus, it was Moses who selected the elders. God honored Moses’ choice of leadership. In addition, Paul submitted to the teachers in the church for his teaching. So, God knows how to communicate with your leader on the timing of your process.

The reason I went that route is because we are in a day when people will speak against submitting to humans and that is a lie. Just as a child needs a parent to grow, we all need pastors after God’s heart. This is why there is so much chaos in the spirit because we have so many parentless children who have not been taught the true way of God.

Your process will involve cleansing and teaching. That time is meant for purification and teaching, preparing you for what and who you are in God. There is a part of the process that will not end until this life is over, that is; is the process of the soul. God will continue that process even as we walk out our callings and assignments in the earth. This is why leaders must still work out their own salvation. Leadership is not a time of arrival, it is a time of example.

Overall, the process is such a very awesome but yet trying time for us all. People of God, embrace who God has called and chosen you to be. Don’t seek to be more and don’t be less. Let the process run its full course that you be mature in the things of God.

I pray that this has helped someone today.

Be blessed.