• Kristina



I know it has been a while since my last entry. So, let's catch up. I pray that all has been well for you. As for me, my husband and I welcomed our sixth child in June 2020. Following, I experienced some serious health complications, but God was gracious to me. He healed my body, and now I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

God never promised us this life would be problem-free. But, He did promise His servants that no weapon formed against us would prosper. I am blessed to say, God has never forsaken me, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Today, I want to rekindle Elisha’s Eyes in your heart. Understand the purpose of this ministry. It is for those who know that God called them to a greater service than that of common salvation (Jude 1:3). This call does not make you better than others, but by grace (unearned favor), God has enlisted us into His army. My heart is to help those that sincerely desire to please God in their service. The vision the Lord has given me includes a book that will minister to many.

If you know of others, that could benefit from this help, please share this with them.

As I was praying, the Lord began to put you in my heart. Sometimes it is hard to move forward when you don’t know where you are going. God desires to sharpen your focus today. He wants you to utilize your time as disciples (students) wisely.

Paul told Timothy about people who desired to be teachers but did not fully understand what they were teaching ( 1Timothy 1:7). It is the will of God that you and I are fully equipped for what He has called us to do.

In this, you have to take every opportunity to learn. Your pastor is there to co-labor with God in your growth. They know the path you are attempting to journey; therefore, you must maintain respect and never get familiar, as they are our elders in the Gospel.

Here are a few things you can put into practice. Let me know how it helps you.

1. Change your perspective on your church services. They are not fellowships, where we gather for social reasons. God designed those times for corporate worship and the teachings that go forth there to sharpen us in the faith. Take your services as an opportunity to get closer to God and learn more about Him. Absorb the wealth of knowledge from your leaders. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Each time the Word in Truth comes forth, it is an opportunity for our faith to increase.

2. Step out of time. God does not move in time; He moves in eternity. God knows when your time as a disciple is complete. He will communicate that with the one He has assigned to watch for your soul. Focus on being perfect (mature) and not meeting a time deadline. We cannot operate as earthly students that have a specified amount of time to study. Look in the Scriptures, Jesus started His ministry when He was 30. Joshua spent 40 years with Moses before he became a leader. The disciples, three years. Scholars debate on Elisha's time; it is believed he spent 14 years with Elijah. My point, each person was different, according to the will of God, as it is for you.

3. Pray in the Spirit. Ask God to purify, prepare, and make you. He is the one that has not only called you but determined what purpose is assigned to you. I pray for this every day. I will never let go of seeking to be purified by God. Too many Chrisitan leaders are falling, and this doesn’t have to be for you and me. We can complete our service and inherit the prize for faithful servants.

In closing, remember what you are doing. You are learning. Do not be in a rush. Flow with the timing of God. Desire to be full of God. Let your gifts mature in faith. Everyone has gifts, but everyone does not have faith.

Be good stewards of the time the Lord has graced us with. Absorb all that you can so that you can be mature and full of God’s glory.

Until next time,