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Serving Your Church Leader is NOT Witchcraft

Updated: Apr 19, 2018


As you know one area that the Lord has graced me in is servanthood. People look at me and think that I do too much, but God has blessed me with His approval. I take service very seriously. What God has revealed to me is of precious value.

Many people look down on those that call themselves the servants of God, but Jesus regarded it as the highest in the Kingdom. Much of the church has moved away from the Kingdom principles taught by the Lord and thus you have leaders who much rather be served than to serve.

While on my journey I have discovered that many people do not understand servanthood. I see many church “leaders” speak against it in regard to another leader, but yet, cunningly invite the same to follow them. They manipulate the scriptures to say that the people who serve and follow order are under some type of witchcraft. However, the bible I read likens witchcraft to rebellion (1Samuel 15:23 KJV). So, these leaders who are encouraging you to break or rebel from your current leadership are actually deceiving you into witchcraft.

This is why it is imperative that we all read our bibles.

As servants of the Lord in these last days, the devil is doing what he can to attempt to remove people out of their places. He is the wolf, sent to divide the sheep from the Great Shepherd, Jesus. Anyone discouraging service and submission is not of God.


Understanding the Role of your Pastor/Leader:

The job of a Pastor is to watch over the soul of those that the Lord has entrusted into their hands (Hebrews 13:17 KJV). Pastoring is very similar to parenting. So why is it shunned today? We serve a God that does not change. With each covenant, New and Old, people have sat underneath another human to receive proper teaching in the Lord. Examples include, Elisha, Joshua, the Twelve, and Timothy.

Let’s look at it from a natural perspective. Many jobs require internships before practice. In the court of law, the judge has authority to judge, correct, and discipline those before them. I have seen people come to church in a t-shirt and jeans but go to court in an Armani suit. When did the court of man warrant more reverence than the sanctuary of God, our creator?

Some leaders have problems with Pastors upholding order in their church. If you hold a position in your church, what is the problem with reporting to your Pastor about your absences? You have to do it on your job. Any absence must be requested, and it may not be approved. People have no problem disciplining themselves when it comes to a natural job, yet they devalue their responsibilities when it comes to the Lord. Something is wrong with this picture. Believers have to shift who and what they reverence. In the end, it’s not only the Pastor that has been rebelled against. It is the Lord.

Serving your natural leader teaches you a lot about serving the Lord. It gives you fundamentals about obedience, submission, and humility. It teaches you how to flow with the Spirit. In serving your leader, your gifts are sharpened. You are not only serving them, but you learn from their experience in the Lord. But if you are serving someone who does not serve the Lord, what are you learning? If your leader does not practice Holiness, what example is that for anyone?

Good Pastors are like good parents, while they will forever be your parent, they nurture, love, discipline, guide, and teach you so that essentially you will stand on your own. It is the same spiritually. Your leader is there to do all those things spiritually so that you can stand in the Lord on your own.

It’s just as Jesus did for His disciples. He pulled them from knowing very little about God, if anything, and introduced them to the Father. And when He left them, they could stand because He showed them how to develop a relationship with the Father.

I know that there are leaders that are abusing the people and taking advantage of them. The Lord will judge them severely. When I am talking about service I am not referring to these type. I do not consider them as Pastors/Leaders. True Pastors do not abuse the people of God.

Paul said follow me as I follow Christ. So, if your leader is not following Christ we are under no obligation to follow them. But understand this, disagreeing with your Pastor’s methods does not mean that they are not following God. It’s just as when we were children, everything our parents did we did not understand.


What serving is not. This section is for those that serve and desire to serve:

Everyone who sits under the Pastor does not serve under the Pastor. If you are unsure of your place, consult your Pastor.

Serving your leader means that you have a position that works directly with the leader and ministers to them; for example, armor bearers or administrators. Joshua did this for Moses. Serving under means that you have a position that doesn’t necessarily interact with the needs of the leader, but you have been instituted by the leader for whatever need of the ministry. Neither one is better than the other, it all depends of the need of that ministry and leader.

Serving doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the Heaven. It’s what you do. Please understand that. Serving is a training ground. Don’t just serve, be a servant of the Lord. When you please the Lord, you will automatically please your leader.

Your service to your leader is not an exchange for your worship and relationship with the Lord. What I have seen from some is that they aren’t fulfilling their obligations to the Lord. They do for the leader and neglect the Lord.

It’s a two-fold assignment. While you serve your leader, you learn of God.

I want to show you the proper way to serve. I want to ensure that your service does not become Idolatry.

I love my Pastor because she will also tell you about this. She gives the glory to God. She will show you the path to Christ, who takes you to the Father. She is advocate for her people knowing the Lord for themselves.

As a servant, building that relationship with the Lord will grow your love for Him and your love will fuel your faithfulness to Him.

Servanthood is hard work. The higher you go up, more is required. Even if you are called to Apostleship, that is still an office of service. Service never ends, it’s even in Heaven. Servanthood is an eternal position.

You gain understanding of these things by serving your leader, and in your communion with the Lord. They work together. Despite what others are teaching, you cannot bypass the Pastor the Lord has sent to watch over your soul. He will not override His instituted authority and law.


In closing, people do not understand servanthood, and because it is misunderstood, it is done incorrectly. As a wife and mother, I have to include my family in my service. I can’t neglect my husband and children. They too are important jewels that the Lord has given me. The Lord comes first before all, but He understands the need for balance because He created it. He is balance.

Spend time with God. Pray, read, worship, praise, talk, love on, listen to the Lord. In the end, the relationship with God is what will fuel your service of any capacity. You can’t truly serve your leader or the Lord if you don’t love and know Him.

I see many people serving in their ministries, but I question their love for God. Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. For example, if you are serving the Pastor, but then you are in the clubs, I’m not questioning your love for your leader, but your love for God. Holiness, is evidence of your love for God.

I hope that this post has enlightened you even the more about servanthood. There is nothing wrong with obeying your leader and following instruction. It has never been witchcraft.

Until next time people of God.

I love you,



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