• Kristina

Serve The God You Know

Greetings everyone,

I hope you know that the Lord is moving! I am always thankful to know that I serve a God that is all powerful and all knowing. In Him is where I place my trust.

I want to encourage your hearts today. Keep pressing, even if it feels like the press is not working or killing you. God knows all things and all things work for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

I don’t know everything that the Lord is doing but I know He is working and it’s for the good of His righteous. The time is coming where God is going to reveal what we have been sacrificing for and what He has been grooming us for.

That’s not what today’s blog is about but I just wanted to encourage you.


The Lord put something in my spirit recently and I wanted to share it with you.

What I have been seeing in the body of Christ is that servants of God are so busy trying to do the work of the Lord without taking the time to get to know the God they are attempting to work for. The glory and anointing makes service look very attractive. In that, many in their immaturity, desire to work for God without knowing the details of the process.

Am I telling you that you shouldn’t be doing anything, no, not exactly. But I am a firm believer in taking the process of God day by day. I like to encourage new believers to first learn of God, then serve.

I’ve mentioned this before; but servanthood is not only the time where you serve God, but you learn of God, (Matthew 11:29).

As we grow in the Lord it is good to serve in our local churches. However, in that service make sure we are pressing each day to know more of God. We should be seeking to build our relationship with the Father through Jesus.

With any relationship, it has to be cultivated according to each party so my relationship with God is mine and yours is yours. Now, the law remains the same for all, but the intimacy is different.

Truth be told, how can we stand for a God we don’t know? How can we believe God to heal and deliver if we don’t know Him as the Healer and Deliverer? With all the false doctrine and teaching how can we discern the truth if we don’t know Truth? Truth is Jesus.

In knowing God, we will be able to discern His Spirit. Take it from a natural perspective. For example, people can claim to know who your parents are, but because you have lived and learned of them for years, you can firmly say; “my ____ would never do that” or “yes, that’s my...” There is no doubt when you have built that knowledge through relationship.

In that illustration, the word “my” is so powerful because it represents possession. God should not just be God, but your God, my God, our God.

Don’t be in a rush to preach or achieve some type of status that the church world deems as successful. True success is inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. Be like David on the back side of the desert, learning your God. It was after David learned God that he was anointed and became king. In this day, people want to be king before they learn.

This truth will keep us. It will put us in place where everything we do for God is based on our love. As our relationship develops, our love is continually perfected. Holiness and righteousness will be grown in us.

My Pastor taught me this: God will be evident in your life not by what you say but what people see.

Many people are saying that they know God, but their actions prove they don’t. There is no need to wrestle with these people. They have lied to themselves. I pray for them, and that God truly be revealed to them.

I’m pressing to know God a little more than I did each day. In that press, I’m cleansed, matured, sometimes corrected, but always loved.

These types of servanthood teachings deepen your roots, so that you stay planted. When trials arise, knowing God will solidify your stance. Even in serving your Pastor or leader, if you don’t know God, you won’t make it. Knowing your leader is not an exchange for knowing God. I love my Pastor, she knows this and will tell you herself, but I must love and know God more. That does not decrease the love and honor I have for my Pastor. In truth, it purifies and strengthens it.

Seek to know God. Then, serve the God you know.

I pray this teaching has helped you today.

Until next time.

I love you all,