• Kristina

Praying for DMX: The Power of a Delivered Witness

I don’t know if you have heard the latest news about DMX and an alleged overdose. But when I heard it, I went into prayer for his soul. I have heard DMX talk about the Lord, and I know there is love there. But as I have continually expressed to you, in order to walk out the call of God on your life successfully, you need more than love. Enduring the making process is vital to servants of God. First for their soul, and secondly for their ministry. This is what Elisha’s Eyes is all about, that process of making.

Understand, when we preach Jesus, which means to publicly proclaim or teach, we begin to influence others to receive salvation. Immediately we become a target for the enemy, whether we are ready or not because he doesn't want anyone to receive Christ. The enemy will seek two things, to destroy your influence and destroy you. Don’t believe me, recall the seven sons of Sceva? Acts 19:13-16 talks about how certain people, including the sons of Sceva, took upon themselves to attempt to cast out demons like Paul. The demons then began to speak back, and being unauthorized, the sons of Sceva were beaten out of their clothing by those they were attempting to deliver.

The kingdom of darkness is real. I say that not to scare you but to make you aware. The Bible says that we should not be ignorant of Satan’s devices. Now, does that mean we are to study the devil? Certainly not. I disagree with that. In actuality, the Spirit of the Lord will reveal certain things about the enemy, but I don’t agree with studying him. You don’t need to know the enemy’s every detail to cast him out. Remember Jesus asked the name of the spirit that possessed the demoniac, and He is the Christ.

This is a serious problem in the body of Christ because people are attempting to go from kindergarten to Ph.D. in the Spirit in a matter of months. Many are not submitted to elders of the Gospel, nor have they allowed the Spirit of God to work out of them the things needed for them to be a delivered and whole minister. When I talk to you about taking the time to learn, I am in no way attempting to discourage you or hating on you. I want you to be successful, and I don’t want you shipwrecked because you operated prematurely.

Difference Between Having Knowledge of and Knowing God

I want to illustrate something for you. Having knowledge of a person and knowing them are two different things. If someone asks, have you heard of Kristina Bolton, you can say yes. You do have knowledge of me. On the other hand, being asked if you know me alludes to another intimacy and relationship level. The Bible says that those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. This means that these are people who do not merely have knowledge of God but have had an experience and encounter, usually acquired over time spent with God. People make God unrealistic. The same way it takes time to get to know people, it takes time to know God. He knows us because He created us, but we have to get to know the Creator.

Be Made

Jesus told the devil, you have no part in me. Like Jesus, we have to strive for there to be no room for Satan in us. That means we must live in the Spirit, operating continually in holiness and righteousness. Does that mean we are perfect? Certainly not. However, our humanity is not an excuse for the habitual practice of sin. I don’t care what others are teaching.

There are clear instructions in the Bible about waiting to be made and then teaching. David outlines it in Psalm 51. He uses terms like “purge,” “renew,” “clean,” and says, “then I will teach transgressors your ways.” David understood there was a process to becoming a teacher. We become teachers of the Gospel by living out the process we are attempting to teach.

Jesus told Peter the same. He said, Peter, “when you have been converted, strengthen the brethren.” (Luke 22:32) This is clear. We are to teach others when we have been made strong in the Lord. The problem is that people are so zealous to become vessels of use before vessels of honor.

In Love

I have told you, everyone’s time frame of making is different; Joshua spent 40 years under Moses, Elisha spent years with Elijah, and the disciples three years under Jesus. Even Paul, in his untraditional experience and conversion, was submitted to the elders of the church and was sent out by them (Acts 13:2). Yet one thing remains the same, every servant of God undergoes a time of processing, in which they are cleansed and imparted into.

Please don’t rush to operate in places of authority and influence until the Spirit of the Lord has released you. I am praying for DMX, that the Lord brings him out of this, and that he takes the time to experience conversion. I do not doubt the call of God on his life, but a call is just that, a call. We have to answer that call and submit to the Lord and His way. Then and only then are we successful.

I love you all,