• Kristina

Minister or Servant?

Greetings all:

I truly bless God for you all. Continue to read and share. God is moving the hearts of many to bring submission back in His house. This move will raise up true servants of God in this last day. I definitely need your help in sharing these posts and helping people gain understanding as to what true service really is.


The Lord has laid upon my heart to discuss what a minister is and how it relates to servanthood. Many people have the title of minister but it’s more than that. We must have the spirit of a minister.

Minister by definition is: a member of the clergy.

To minister (verb), means to attend to the needs of someone.

You will find that I use the words servant and minister interchangeably. The reason that I do this is because according to the scriptures they are the same. We are referred to by God as servants and ministers.

Example: 2 Chronicles 29:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 My sons, be not now negligent: for the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense.

Servant is defined as a person who performs duties for others.

Examine definitions for both minister and servant. See the similarities.

Despite their similarities, the two positions are not received the same in the church. Many prefer to identify and title themselves as ministers but not as servants. Yet, they are the same.

The Lord began to speak to my heart and He said: “People would rather title themselves as ministers because the title servants is not as appealing to the ego of man.” Minister is received as an accomplishment, a superiority; if you will. Whereas servant is looked at as a low and weak position. Yet, Jesus referred to the greatest in the kingdom as the one who serves.

If you are titled as a minster, this is good. I’m not speaking against it. But I want to shed light on the heart of man so that we examine ourselves in our ministries or service.

Every office and position in the body should minister/serve. Ministry is not a place for selfish and self-absorbed people. It is not the place to establish yourself or name. Jesus came to make Himself of no reputation (Philippians 2:7-9). It was the work of God that made His name great. There is no room for self. Being a minister/servant is about everything but you. Does that mean that you don’t matter? Certainly not! God takes care of His servants while they do His will.

In my service, I seek the Lord Jesus and His ways so that I can serve God as He did. His sole purpose was to fulfill the will of God. This is the type of people God will use in these last days. Not the gifted, or the anointed, but the submitted, willing, and obedient. This is the servant.

When your heart is set on serving the Lord, you have no issues submitting to another man. You have no problems serving your leader or the people. Not that it won’t ever get challenging, but it will be a part of your will because it is the will of God.

Elisha had no issues following Elijah. When Elijah passed him in the field and threw his mantle on his back. He knew what it meant. No hesitations. He submitted to Elijah until he was taken up. Likewise, the disciples, when Jesus came and said, “follow me,” no hesitations. The spirit of the servant/minister is not a skill to be learned. It is a spirit that must be imparted.

If you don’t agree, go to the book of Numbers, and read about the elders that were elected to assist Moses (Numbers 11:16-30). The spirit of Moses was given to them by God. Moses was a servant and minister of God.

You see, the problem is people are trying to serve God and the leader without the spirit of the minister/servant imparted to them.

God sometimes reserves the choosing to His servant or there are times where God has instructed His servant on who He has chosen for them. Nonetheless, the witness of God is always the fruit that should be looked for.

If you find that serving is hard for you, seek God. Ask Him to impart the spirit of the servant into your life. I’ve prayed this for many years. I’ve prayed this for the team I lead. There was great fruit that came from those prayers. I have seen God transform myself and others.

These are other things that I have petitioned God for in my servanthood:






Possessing the fruits of the Spirit





Perfect (mature) love

This is just to give you examples, go on the leading of the Holy Ghost when you pray.

This post is another foundational teaching to help those who are looking to serve God and their leaders. Don’t be someone caught up on titles. Look to have and keep the spirit of the servant. It is to remain with you because we should always be ministers/servants of God first.

I pray that you have been blessed.