• Kristina

How We Go Through Matters

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Greetings Servants,


I know that it has been a while since my last post. Continue to meditate on the past entries. When we continuously meditate on the word of God it sharpens us. It puts us in a place to grow in purity.

Remember that this blog is for the servants of God. Those that are called to more than just being saved, but also to work in the kingdom of God in some type of capacity. As servants, we are called not only to a higher position, but to greater accountability and sacrifice. In that, many have misappropriated the call of service and only want to focus on the position and not the work needed within that position. That should not be. Service is for the mature. Therefore, it requires work. You should grow in service as you grow in God.

The Topic

Now, let’s talk about what God wants to help us with today. As a servant there are 2 types of processing that we encounter: (1) The processing of our soul, which is for every believer and (2) The process of discipleship, for those that are called to follow Jesus in a greater capacity. If you have read the stories concerning Jesus, you remember that many wanted to follow, but not all were able to. Recall the story of the demoniac from the tomb. Following his deliverance, he asked Jesus to follow Him, but Jesus told the man from the tomb to go back to his town and tell of the compassion shown to him by Jesus. Did it mean that those that did follow were better people? No. It only meant that Jesus had a different need for the man of the tomb.

God’s word tells us that He won’t put more on us than we can bear. Also, that to each man is given a measure of faith. Some people are not called to the greater service because it is not their part of the body. The Holy Spirit is the one that chooses the assigned place for each member of the body.

We are continuously growing as disciples of Christ. We grow in our service to God. When we are called that is only the beginning. There is much to learn, because how we grow matters. God takes into consideration everything. Some of that includes, motives, dispositions, attitude, selflessness or the lack thereof, dedication, sacrifice, how we respond to authority, how we treat our brethren, holiness, righteousness, how we respond to correction, how we handle promotion, our inner thoughts, our heart, our spirit, how under control our flesh is, and much more. So, it is imperative that you take the time you have wisely and carefully.

I want to share something with every one of you. Maybe you know this, or maybe it has been a topic you’ve avoided. But correction is inevitable. There can be no growth without proper correction. Hair needs trimming to grow. Plants need trimming, pruning, and purging. Yet, we servants, try so hard to perfect that which we have no knowledge of. Why are we so afraid to be corrected? The world has corrupted our thinking on correction. We attribute it to failing. Just because we are corrected doesn’t mean we have failed.

Hebrews 12:6 (KJV) “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” Look at the word “scourgeth,” that means correction can be hot. It can be fiery. But it is God. And even greater, how we deal with it matters. Do we take it as a complaining servant? Do we take it and become a bitter servant? God forbid!

When I train, I tell people this: your service while in training is the grounds for your ministry. This means that when you mature, what you have sown, you shall indeed reap. If you sow rebellion, disrespect, and difficultly rest assured this is what you will also have.


I want to share something with you. Years ago my Pastor was dealing with me about a few struggles in my life. I asked her to give me some feedback. In that, I was faced with a strong reality about myself. I had so many justifications for my issues. I had somewhat given myself pardons for things that were wrong, because of my own judgement. As I began to seek God about the matter He simply said to me, “You are so focused about your atmosphere changing, so that it changes you. But, you can’t see I want to change you, so that you can change your atmosphere.” It was there that I finally accepted that the struggles of my life, were not because of anything but me. It was there that I had to embrace my process, and understand that although it was hard, it was good.

During that time the Lord had me go to Galatians 5:19-21, write down each one of the works of flesh and define them. At that moment, I realized I would often say something or repeat it and had no real understanding of its definition. This is why I am so big on defining things, because what value is something if we don’t know its meaning.

One work of the flesh that really spoke volumes to me was heresy. Heresy is defined as (paraphrasing) holding to one’s opinion contrary to biblical principles. What I found about myself was that I was holding on to what I felt and what I thought, not considering the opinion of the Lord. I had to learn that my opinion had no value if it wasn't backed by God.

This work of the flesh will hold anyone’s ministry back. The bible says, “Every way of a man is right is his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.” (Proverbs 21:2) Many have misconstrued this scripture and have said things like, “God knows my heart.” They use it as a means to continue in their own path despite it being against God. Indeed, they are true, God knows every man's heart and the filth that lies in it. We have to exchange our opinion for God’s.

From that point I began to really dive into the scriptures seeking to understand the way of the Lord. As a servant of God, knowing the way of God should be a major priority. We should reject our way for the Lord’s way. Allowing heresy to work will prevent us from allowing God to have His way.

When I made the decision to let go of me, my walk and ministry skyrocketed. I grew leaps and bounds in the purity and humility of God. The growth I was looking for was found in my submission to God. I found it in place that was hard for me. But I thank God for that time. I have never been the same since.


Growing as a minister of God has its own process. Sometimes it’s not easy, but how we go through it matters. How we respond to every portion of that process matters.

Little Reminders

Correction: Do we receive it with the right spirit? Beware of heresy.

Promotion: Do we think we have attained: Beware of Pride.

Always hold on to humility.

Until next time.