• Kristina

Continue in the Apostles' Doctrine

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Greetings Servants of God,

The Lord recently put something in my spirit, and I know it will help you. I mention this often, but we are living in a time when people are convinced that they can learn and mature in the things of God on their own. Submitting to an earthly teacher or leader is not popular. And if people have submitted themselves, as they grow, an overwhelming pressure and temptation to prove their adulthood and maturity emerges itself. Hence people will attempt to create new teachings and cause themselves to error. They try to make their own way to avoid crediting another. But, if I can ever give you any advice, that is: Continue in the apostles’ doctrine.

Act 2:42 “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

Doctrine is defined as teaching or instruction. As believers, the teachings of Jesus is the doctrine He received from the Father and taught to the Apostles. This is the doctrine referenced in the scripture above. In the book of Acts, many people were added as believers. As they were added, it had to be mentioned how they continued in the teachings of the twelve disciples. We all know, that when God allows something to be spoken in the Word, there is a purpose. And here we are generations later, and we can understand why it had to be spoken then. We see that so many doctrines have appeared since then. But the Apostles’ doctrine is the teaching of Jesus. In order to achieve our desired maturity, we have to continue in that.


So, what does that mean for you? The teachings that your God-ordained leader has taught you, continue in that. Has that teaching groomed you into the servant of God that you are today? Why would you want to create a new teaching, if the teaching you already have comes from a constant God? If God is constant that means His teachings will remain the same. Every servant of the Lord is only passing down the teachings that Jesus gave to His disciples. If we are doing what the disciples did, we should manifest the power of God like them as well.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)

Jesus’ teaching will not change. The commandments of God are not up for alteration or debate. God is not moved by the evolution of society or any other factor. His Word will forever be above anything that will transpire in this world. This is why continuing in the Apostle’s doctrine is not a suggestion. In order to achieve the results that Jesus had, we have to follow that way He made.

One of the greatest mistakes any minister can do is to deviate or attempt to reinvent the sound doctrine they grew up on. I am not referring to the traditions of man because those things are not doctrine, they are traditions. I am referencing sound biblical teaching that has the witness of God and evidence of change. Traditions have their own place, and if they ever come against the doctrine of Jesus, they need to be broken.

Anything that God approves, His Spirit will manifest. Reference when Jesus was baptized, and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove. It was there that people were able to witness God endorse Jesus as His son. The manifestation of the Spirit is a stamp of approval or a witness by God. It will always follow His Word. If there is no manifestation of the Spirit, check your word.

Emotion is Not The Manifestation of The Spirit

Be careful not to confuse emotion with the manifestation of the Spirit. Emotion is such a tricky thing, and it has been used since the beginning of time to influence the decisions of man. This is how non-Christian things can appeal to you. Teachings, music, sayings, people, and much more can reach the emotion of man. People can teach something that will move you, that will not be biblical teaching. Let me give you an example. People love to say, “everyone is a child of God.” This sounds so beautiful and comforting. Who would not want to believe that? It provides this sense of security and inclusiveness, but the reality is that this a false statement. Do not think of me as someone that is insensitive or does not love, because that is not true. However, the scripture says that God loved the world (John 3:16). However, there are scriptures that reference the children of disobedience whose father is the devil (Colossians 3:6, Ephesians 2:2). So, while the love of God is extended to every man. Being a man in this world does not automatically make you a child of God.

Now don’t shoot the messenger. I am only delivering the Word of God. Regardless of one’s opinion, we are seeing some ministers of the Gospel altering the Word of God to attain human approval. And if it’s our desire to be servants of the Lord that He will be pleased with, we must proclaim His word.

How Do You Know?

Some of you may ask, how do I know that I am continuing in the Apostle’s doctrine? You will know by lining up everything by the Word of God. Remember the Word is living, which means it has the ability to produce. That production is your evidence. That evidence is change. Any real minister of God has the testimony of change. The walk of salvation is a process, within that process we are transformed in the likeness of the Son. So, sound doctrine will produce a change in you that is visible because of the fruit of the Spirit.

When I compare where I am today, and where I started, I know that I am not the same person. There are many witnesses that I am not the same person. I can see the fruits of Spirit manifesting in my life.

These came from teachings that I received from my Pastor, who is also an Apostle. In that, I understood the power of maintaining these teachings. Why would I want to change the doctrine that changed me? It has been proven through my own life. It is the Word of God. Who is man that they can redo the Words of the Creator?


People want to alter the doctrine because they want glory for themselves. They want people to credit them with saying something new. Will God give fresh revelation to men? Indeed, but what is revealed comes from the Word that was already given. There is nothing new under the sun. God will not speak anything outside His word. Anytime someone challenges the doctrine that has been proven through the Word; it is a sign that deception is present.

True, people can honestly make a mistake because they may have read and interpreted incorrectly. Or, they may have been taught incorrectly, and God has not corrected yet. However, anything habitual is not an accident. It is a practice. God does not desire for us to be ignorant of His Word. So, any false doctrine continuously administered is questionable to me.

As servants of God, anything that challenges the proven word of God in your life should not be received. If it is the true Word of God, it can be tried and proven.


This teaching makes you all sober-minded. As a servant of God, we must be aware of the good and bad in this world. Identifying that which is God does not make you judgmental, it makes you wise. Knowledge is one of the Spirits of God. It does not mean you do not love. I needed to share that so that I encourage someone to pursue what God has revealed to you without allowing others to shape your self-perception. Because the world will make you feel guilty for calling fruit by its name.

I pray that this entry helps someone.