Discipleship is a fascinating topic. Maybe you were like me thinking that everyone “born again” is a disciple of Jesus Christ. However, the Lord revealed to me something unique about disciples that I would like to introduce to you.  Refer to the Scriptures. Understand while Jesus taught everyone that would receive Him, there were two groups that He taught. One group, identified as the “multitude,” and the other His “disciples.” 

Both groups of people were taught about the Kingdom through Jesus, but the disciples were privy to a higher level of training (Matthew 13:11). Why? Was it because they were better people? Certainly not. It was because they had a greater level of responsibility than “common salvation”(Jude 1:3). This commission would require a greater level of training. 


Discipleship is like a spiritual internship intended to sharpen your call. When examining the Word of God, many submitted themselves to learning from an elder before they would operate in the call of God. We have people like Joshua who sat under Moses, Elisha under Elijah, the Disciples under Jesus, and Timothy under Paul. 

So, you see, discipleship is really the process and term of teaching to those that have a higher calling in the Kingdom of God. It is the time to process those that will eventually be the leaders in the body of Christ.  My process of discipleship has been in effect for the last ten years. Through it, the Lord has trained and imparted so that I may be a help to you.



One after salvation, in  2007, I received the call of God. I knew that I wasn't ready to operate in that call and had much to learn. So,  I cried out to the Lord for help. When I studied the scriptures, there was always something that drew me to the Prophet Elisha. I was like him, an ordinary person with an unordinary call from God.  However, he had Elijah the Prophet to learn and glean from. I needed that. 

So, I petitioned God for a teacher that I could sit under and prepare for my call. I knew I had the Holy Spirit, but the Lord will use those that He has trained to train others. I told the Lord, “God, I feel like an Elisha, but I need an Elijah.” God answered my prayer and sent my spiritual Elijah, Apostle Sharon D. Walker, who I lovingly call “Mother.”

Here it is, 2019, and I am still that spiritual Elisha, and this is discipleship through my eyes.